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What is a Youtube Tag generator?
Youtube tag generator is a tool that helps you in finding the right tags for your youtube video. It helps with meta tags, title, description etc. This tag generator is specifically built for Youtube. If you compare it with other tools available online they provide general tags, and not related to any specific platform.
Tags are a piece of metadata that helps you rank by giving information about your video to Google and Youtube.

The best part about this tool is that it's completely free and can be used unlimited times.
How to use a Youtube tag generator?
Our Tag generator for Youtube is really easy and simple to use. Follow these steps to get the most out of this tool
  • Enter the title of your video in the input box above.
  • Select the Generate button.
  • This will provide you with all the tags generated related to the title/keyword you have entered.
  • Simply click on the tags you want to work around with. Once you select a tag it will apache_response_headers in the Your Words section.
  • To copy the selected tags,click on the Copy Words button. To clear the selection, simply clcik Clear Words button.
Why use a Youtube Tag generator? How is it different from other tools?
Our tool uses googles own data to show you results. Whereas other tools use algorithm above the google data to show you the results. We show you the volume and details without any change. It's the same as a Youtube Keyword planner. We let you decide which tag best fits your video. If you check other tools they will only provide you with the tags and to see the volume data you will have to pay the subscription fees. Whereas our tool is completely free and shows you tags along with the volume without any charge.
This tool helps you get ideas for youtube based on data. This helps you to create videos that your viewers want to see.
What are the types of Youtube tags?
Before you go forward with the tags, let's go through the types of Youtube tags first.
  • Generic Keyword Tags: These are tags consisting of words like vlog, how-to, tutorials etc. These tags are used by Youtube to suggest users on the platform.
  • Brand Tags: These tags are keywords consisting of brand name, product name, your name. Use these tools to promote yourself or the brand.
  • Specific tags: These long-tail tags are used to give a detail of what's in the video. You can avoid using stop words, as Youtube ignores them.
What are the best practices to keep in mind while choosing tags for Youtube?
  • Always try to use your focus keyword first in the tags you want to use. Be exact when using your very first tag on a Youtube video.
  • Try using long-tail tags.Longtail keywords are easy to rank as it has low difficulty and lo competition from other users.
  • Use a mixture of Broad and Focused keyword tags. This will help youtube to show your video to users interested in checking out your video. Broad tags will help your videos to get more click as it is not related to a narrow topic.
  • The lesser the tags more your video grows on Youtube. If you give 25+ tags to youtube, it may be difficult for the platform to rank your video, as it's hard to decide the context of the video. We would recommend you use around 8-10 tags that give context about your video.
  • Use our Youtube tag generator, to help you in finding those right keyword tags.

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